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Downloading Mp3's is Easy. Here is the Step-by-step process below.


• Click on the year of the conference you are interested in.
• Find the conference and click on ORDER ONLINE.
• See the MP3 you want and click “Add to Shopping Cart.”
• Continue shopping until you have added all the MP3s you want.
• Then click on “Checkout” which will take you to a listing of all the
items in your shopping cart.
• Enter your personal information and credit card information.

Click “Place Order”.
• You should receive an “order confirmation” via email within a few minutes.

You will receive a 2nd email with the download link. Click on the link
to initiate the download immediately. You will have 24 hours to click
on that link and initiate the download of the MP3. If for some reason,
you are not able to complete the download within 24 hours, please
contact Resurrection Communications and we will make sure you
receive everything you paid for.

Even after you have downloaded the MP3, if for some reason, you lose
access to the MP3
(hard disk crash, changing computers, etc.),
contact Resurrection Communications for a free replacement.


All of the downloads that we offer are AUDIO ONLY (called MP3s). These are identical in content to the CDs of the same talk. We currently do not offer downloads of the DVDs. However, you can still order DVDs (and CDs) to be shipped you.


All credit card information entered on our web site is protected by the high level of security (called Secure Socket Layer (SSL)) offered on the Internet.
If you are reluctant to enter your credit card information, you can always call Resurrection Communications and give us the information over the phone.  Once we ship your order, we shred all credit card information you have provided to us. 


If you ordered CDs or DVDs to be shipped to you, we normally ship orders within 2 business days. (Often the same day.) The only exception is when we are out of town recording a conference where we might be gone for 2-10 days.


All of the CDs, DVDs and MP3s are copyrighted.
• Do NOT make copies of them to share with others, even for free.
• Do NOT send them out to other people as email attachments
  or through some file-sharing network.
• You CAN make a copy for your private use as a backup.


All orders (except for MP3 downloads) include a-$3 or $4 charge for shipping in the U.S.  This applies whether you order one item or 25 items. This is per order, NOT per item or per conference.  You can save by ordering from several conferences at one time and only pay one shipping charge..

You will need adobe Reader to print out order forms. Click here to get the latest

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