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Why Did God Start the Catholic Charismatic Renewal
and What Is Your Mission?
This hour long talk, given in March, 2009, presents a broad overview of the situation of the Catholic Church just prior to Vatican II. Covering 500 years of history, the talk compassionately looks into the many weaknesses of the Church in an effort to understand why God would have initiated the CCR when He did.  However, the talk doesn’t end there, but goes on to stress a number of key points that indicate the kind of mission that God has in mind for those who have been baptized in the Spirit.  The goal of the talk is to both inspire those who are involved in the CCR and to provide some practical suggestions as to ways to impact the Catholic church and the world more effectively.

“When Jesus said ‘Do Not Judge’, What Did He Mean?”
Overcoming Judgmentalism
This 46 minute talk, given in January,2009 faces the issues of how to judge the actions of others without judging them.  It first of all discusses those aspects that clarify what judging is. Then 7 steps to overcoming being judgmental are presented. The talk is loaded with many examples that make the points of the talk easy to grasp.  Finally, the talk deals with how do we deal with our kids or others whom we have to correct without coming across as judgmental.

Can a Member of People of Praise be Fully Catholic?
This 72 minute talk faces honestly the many problems that members of this and other covenant communities have encountered as they have sought to live out fully their lives as Catholics.  Some of the many issues dealt with include:
**competing demands of parish and community              **what the parish offers that community doesn’t
**can I be fully Catholic in an ecumenical community?    **is the community ecumenical or non-denominational?
**sacraments and community life                                    **community leadership and ordination

True and False Charismatic Spirituality (or Being Charismatic Without Being Weird!)
This 67 minute talk speaks to many issues that charismatics have faced with unbalanced and false teaching in the Renewal.  Addressed to both Protestants & Catholics.  Includes many examples such as:
**finding the key to the spiritual life                    **wrong approaches to healing
**God’s guidance or self-deception?                    **how NOT to approach the Bible
**good and bad ‘weirdness’                                 **dealing with the demonic
**how to be legalistic without hardly trying         **holiness and spiritual experiences